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Industrial scales

Experience and professionalism joined together to provide the best service. Over 25 years of experience in the industry make us one of the leaders in weighing applications. At Báculas Condal we can meet your expectations with the level of professionalism that defines us.


Northern Delegation

Pol Ind. Comte de Sert C/ Indústria,
s/n 08755 Castellbisbal (Barcelona)

Southern Delegation

Pol Ind. Ave María C/E,
s/n 23740 Andújar ( Jaén )

Design of scales

Truck scales designed by our engineers

to withstand the toughest working conditions.


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Truck scales

Truck scales

Truck scales are designed purely and exclusively for weighing large items such as trucks, trains, large machinery ... Load cells can be Analogue or Digital, made from stainless steel and are waterproof with the digital displays controlled by microprocessor. Their main features are the hardness of the steel that make up the supporting points and their structural rigidity.

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Industrial scales

Industrial scales

We have the latest technological advances in electronics and that's why we specialise in the manufacture of brand scales that we offer with better quality and more functions.

Unlike simple or commercial scales, their size is significantly larger since, in general, they are often used to weigh things such as raw materials to manufactured elements which can be quite large.

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We have the best components on the market and the best brands in weighing components to complement the different weighing systems

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We have the latest technological advances in electronics. That's why we specialise in the manufacture of industrial scales and we offer a better quality brand with more functions.

State of the art technology with an intelligent system that ensures accurate and inviolable weighing with no maintenance.

Professional weighing products for solutions that the industry needs, all types of scales and industrial weighing systems at Básculas Condal.

Mechanical scales for lorries

Electronic scales for lorries